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Take our FOREST HEALTH SURVEY to help us better understand your needs! 

Please assist us by participating in our survey. Your input will help us better understand your needs as home and landowners in the priority areas of Marvine Creek, Campbell Creek, Ute and Papoose Creek, Crooks Park, Buford and Lost Creek. With your feedback we can research resources and cost-sharing opportunites. 

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WHAT TO EXPECT? An overview of the forest management process for home/landowners 

We are interested in your feedback. Call us 970.878.9838 to find our more about opportunities and resources.

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Wildland Fire USFS  United States Forest Service 

Forest Health & Management  Colorado State Forest Service

Community Wildland Protection Plan  Rio Blanco County

Colorado's forests provide aesthetic values, clean water, wildlife habitat, recreation, minerals and renewable resources including forage and timber.  The White River and Douglas Creek Conservation Districts support and encourage active management of Colorado's forests to protect your way of life and health. 

Forest restoration projects not only protect water from sedimentation, but also improve forest health and habitat, decrease firefighting costs, and reduce home loss and infrastructure damage. Our goal is to accelerate forest restoration to reduce the threat of severe wildfire, with your assistance, and with collaboratives across our county and state. 

Community meeting poster about forest health, wildfire risk management, with date, time, location, and speaker details.
Public meeting flyer to discuss forest health in White River National Forest, scheduled for Tuesday, June 18 at 6:00 PM.

Click below to find short educational videos about the value and benefits to Forest Management

Why is Forest Management Important to you? 
What Does a Healthy Forest Look Like? 
Controlled Burns = Healthy Forest 
Forest Management: Harvesting