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White River Integrated Water Initiative

Mission Statement

Community based initiative to identify actions promoting a healthy river than ensures a vibrant economic community capable of securing the future vitality of agriculture, fisheries, recreation, municipalities, and industry while protecting water rights, quantity, and quality with respect for the local customs, cultures, and property rights. 

Overall River Goals for Current and Future Generations

1) Protect and preserve existing water rights and other beneficial water uses

2) Protect and enhance water quantity and quality through promoting best management practices for:
      a. Agriculture Enhancements
      b. Favorable Conditions of Streamflow
      c. Forest Health
      d. Rangeland Health
      e. Riparian Health

3) Identify opportunities for creation or improvement of infrastructure to support efficient
consumptive and non-consumptive uses

4) Support the development and maintenance of efficient and necessary long term storage solutions
that will improve, enhance and ensure irrigation, river health, water quantity, water quality, and
native and recreational fisheries

Who Is Involved?

Coordinator Contacts 

PAC Coordinator:
Liz Chandler

Project Coordinator:
Kari Brennan

PAC Members 
  1. Colorado Parks and Wildlife – Tory Eyre
  2. Douglas Creek Conservation District - Ron Reich, Rosaly Coombs
  3. Fishing Rep - Colton Brown, Brett Harvey
  4. Irrigation Rep - Stu Massey
  5. Rio Blanco County - Ed Smercina
  6. Rio Blanco County Farm Bureau - Forrest Nelson, Albert Krueger
  7. Rio Blanco Stockgrowers - Jerry Oldland
  8. Rio Blanco Water Conservancy District - Alden Vanden Brink/ Vince Wilczek
  9. River's Edge West - John Leary/Rusty Lloyd
  10. Town of Meeker - Travis Day
  11. Town of Rangely - Don Reed, Mike Dillon 
  12. Trout Unlimited – Ian Wilson, Brian Hodge
  13. White River Alliance - Deirdre Macnab, Shawn Welder
  14. White River Conservation District - Chris Collins, Neil Brennan
  15. Yellow Jacket Water Conservancy District - Walt Proctor
Technical Advisors to the PAC 
  1. United States Forest Service – Curtis Keetch
  2. Bureau of Land Management – James Roberts
  3. Colorado State University Extension Service – Linda Masters
  4. Colorado Northwest Community College – Mario Sullivan